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illustration by Cindy Liu

Dec. 24, 2009 (耶誕夜)

bass control x FAMFATAL at LUXY club

台北bass control + 大阪FAMFATAL 聯名策動
Ellen Allien, Miss Kittin, Chick On Speed背書推薦
DJ: J-Six, Dora, Hiloco, Yatsu, Kuei

Go Go Girls: Miki-T & Yuzuki
bass control (倍思控制) 是由DJ J-Six領軍自創的音樂文化廠牌,自從今年一月於台北LUXY首發派對以來,接續在台中XAGA舉辦多次,藉由口碑相傳以及愛樂者力挺,累計參加人次破萬,已經成為獨具特色的自控品牌。

bass control最新活動將在12月23日於台中XAGA、24日在台北LUXY舉行,也是年終壓軸的特別企劃!bass control跨國邀請大阪女子組織FAMFATAL的DJ Dora和Hiloco,以及舞者Miki-T & Yuzuki參與演出。

FAMFATAL於2003年成軍,30位女性藝人各司DJ、VJ、舞者、造型專業,成立六年以來已經是關西派電子音樂頭號組織,並且贏得國際女藝人Ellen Allien、Miss Kittin、Chick On Speed,以及世界DJ包括Carl Cox、Josh Wink、Thomas Shumacher讚賞推薦;bass control x FAMFATAL 藉由兩組音樂文化領袖聯名,共同打造Techno/Trance新年快樂音樂會。

DJ line-up:
22:00-23:00 DJ Kuei (bass control, TW)
23:00-24:00 DJ Dora (FAMFATAL, JP)
24:00-01:30 DJ Hiloco (FAMFATAL, JP)
01:30-03:00 DJ J-Six (bass control, TW)
03:00-04:00 DJ Yatsu (bass control, TW)

started her own party FAM FATAL for the purpose of female artists’ promotion. Producing and managing this party totally, she has invited overseas female artists as Monika Kruse, Ellen Allien, Miss Yetti, and Miss Kittin to West Japan for the first time, more over has called Chick On Speed and Venus Fly Trapp who play active roles in various fields. Also she performed with FAM FATAL DJs and dancers in front of a thousand of audience in Korea two straight years. She is energetically performing by herself out of FAMFATAL, costaring with so many international top artists as Carl Cox, Josh Wink, Thomas Shumacher, Dave Angel and so on. Of course she has played with Japanese domestic artists like Takkyu Ishino and Ken Ishii at the head of the list. As DJ activity, she went through Malaysia tour 2004 and just finished HongKong gig September, 2005.

Hiloco started DJing professionally since 2006 at ElectroNyx. In the same
year, she visited Ibiza and London where she experienced many artsis playing eclectic sound of click, deep and minimal which left huge influence on her current style. Ever since, she has been using various alias to appear at wide range of parties regardless of underground and mainstream stages. She appears to some of the most influential parties like FAMFATAL along side top techno DJs and guests. She was also a main DJ at one of the biggest outdoor party Nagisa Music Festival in both Tokyo and Osaka. Her recent appearances include bookings out side Japan, such ad Hong Kong, and main land China. She has also started another minimal tech house party OtOasObi which brought ITALOBOYZ as the guest DJ.
Her alias neroDoll is used for her residency at House Nation parties and
plays as headliner at HOUSE NATION Tea dance at Onzieme (Oasaka), WOMB (Tokyo), and other HOUSE NATION tours. She plays wide range of house tracks, from dramatic and uplifting vocal tracks to progressive and darker even trickier electro, acid house. She is now signed to Avex, and her own track ﹍Once Upon A Time﹎ was included into the compilation HOUSE NATION-Aquamarine which was released in August this year. Since then, she keeps herself busy in the studio for more new tracks. In October, she was booked to DJ at Elite Model Look world competition held in Hainan Island in China. While watching her profile builds up fast, her broad selection and honest style continues delighting the audience everywhere she plays.

J-Six (bass control, TW)
J-Six (本名James) 1993年開始擔任DJ,從具有指標性的不同場地包括SPIN、ROXY、ROOM 18、2F到LUXY,累積了搖滾精神轉身電子音樂的輝煌駐場經驗,也於上海、新加坡等地演出。James從徐滙中學到輔仁大學一直對西洋歌曲很有興趣,大學時成立了第一個DJ社團,還辦了第一場校園party,因此受到台灣電音教父DJ @llen與知名電台DJ鄭開來的注意,DJ @llen引薦James在台灣搖滾樂之父凌威的另類舞廳SPIN擔任駐場DJ。2001-2008年,James與朋友組織the LOOP Production團隊,他們的艱履耕耘領導了台灣電音發展,邀約百大DJ演出,台灣也成為國際DJ巡迴的行程之一。2009年James離開團隊企劃工作,專心製作J-Six的全新廠牌”bass control”,希望再創下一個專業生涯。
facebook: James J-Six

LUXY club


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