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This week, the Stellar Music Podcast airwaves is occupied by DJ J-Six (aka James Jan) – Taiwan’s mighty LOOP Production’s nucleus. James is one of the oldest members of the LOOP team (both in experience and age) and plays a prominent role for amassing this brilliant team of DJs, lighting crew, soundmen, and design artists.

The club / event planner for 2F to now Luxy, from Kenting’s Spring Love to TWTC2’s Winter Love & been the pillar in pushing Taiwan onto the international music market. James is currently working on a live DJ + vocal set with the gifted Taiwanese singer Angie.

Feedback from international artists have been phenomenal and their act headlined Taiwan’s National Day’s ceremony 2006 – the 1st electronic party hosted by the government. This year in 2007, J-Six launched his Dirty Saturday club night (every Sat) in cooperation with 55DSL as the best Electro party in Taiwan.




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