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JUNE 24, 2006

DJ J-Six and friends presents ZERO 從零開始

ZERO是孤獨  ZERO是自由  ZERO是空集合  ZERO是無限可能的起點



我們偏愛自由無拘的0勝過排列在1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 後面的


ZERO is isolated individuality

ZERO is the initiation of infinity

ZERO is the summation of emptiness

ZERO is the translation of loneliness


The clock strikes midnight

Hold your breath and reflect upon your life

Remember the nothingness of those lonely nights

Now see all the colors under a different light


We favor the ZERO that is liberating

More than the ZERO that is superseding



21:00-22:30 Michaelphonic 

22:30-24:00 J-Six + TS Sailor Moon

24:00-01:30 Tiger

01:30-03:00 Teddy Dong

03:00-04:30 Blueman

04:30-06:00 Victor Cheng

music: Electro – Minimal – Progressive – Tribal


place: ONYX

address: LUXY台北市忠孝東路四段1205 (5F, 201, Chung-Xiao East Rd., Taipei)


time: 9PM – 6AM


當晚LUXY三廳全面電音,Darren EmersonGalleria廳主秀

Darren Emerson is the headline in LUXY.

The most influential figures in dance music, ex-Underworld member

Their hits include Cowgirl, Rez, Dark and Long and Born Slippy – all still DJ classics.

Galleria room:

21:00-22:30 Elvis T 

22:30-24:00 Reason

24:00-01:30 Vertigo + Rez (Ableton Live set)

01:30-04:30 Darren Emerson

04:30-06:00 Joe Ho

VJ Fun-Dee


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